Iron therapy

Oral iron supplements are poorly absorbed and associated with side effects such as upset stomach, bloating, constipation, black stools, nausea and heartburn, which many people find problematic. The oral iron tablets can be ineffective or take several months for patients to gain any benefit. 
An intravenous iron infusion can restore the body's iron stores in a single infusion!
Before consultation, you will need a series of blood tests to look for anaemia, check your iron status and determine whether you require an iron infusion.

This can be requested through your GP or we can arrange these tests for you at Tetbury Hospital (additional fee required)

Once you have your blood test results you can bring these along for a detailed consultation where they will be reviewed by a consultant and you will be asked about your lifestyle and relevant medical history to determine the most suitable treatment.
If you need intravenous iron treatment, an infusion of intravenous iron will be given, over 30 minutes in a safe, monitored and comfortable environment.


Initial consultation: £200
  • Full consultant assessment to review test results and develop a treatment plan (Flexible phone/video consultation options also available)
Iron infusion therapy: £540
  • Full Treatment
  • Following consultation with our doctor a treatment dose of intravenous iron will be given as an infusion over 30 minutes in a safe, monitored and comfortable environment
Gloucestershire Iron Clinic is not responsible for investigating the underlying cause of iron deficiency